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What's Going On?

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Energy Field 

Mo Wheeler (2015)

Have you ever felt blocked in your progress and wondered, “What’s going on?”  This 105-page book can be downloaded or purchased here.  The center section (4) is designed to be used as a resource to learn about the many possible ways your work may be blocked.  The book also includes excellent tips on how you can maintain the integrity of your energy field so that you are a clear and reliable dowser. 

Dowsing for the New Paradigm (2017, second edition) - available NOW!


All the handouts that follow are now available with a single click!  Or, you will be able to purchase a copy that is printed and organized for you as a spiral-bound booklet.   



Mo and her co-workers are available to present at meetings or for all-day/weekend workshops.  Contact Mo for additional information and to schedule a time.   Possible programs include:

Meet the Challenge of Reliable DowsingHow you can ask a question and be sure of the answer.  See handouts about Reliability.

Windows to the Soul.  – Knowing the heritage of your soul can open many windows of learning and opportunity: understand and appreciating who you are, knowing your strengths and the areas of difficulty in your path, relating to others different from you, and making choices that further the journey of your soul through time.  You will learn about the origins of energy heritage types and how this history affects your life today, both as a dowser and as an individual.  [Also available as a half- or full-day workshop.] 

Dowsing Techniques to Expand Your Repertoire.  Learn how to use your body in the many ways possible to get a yes or no and then to broaden your range of responses beyond that to include a continuum with dowsing charts.  See 31 Ways to Energy Test.

Widen Your World by Becoming Multidimensional.  See handout on Becoming a Multidimensional Human. 

Upgrading Your Immune System – See information with Intentions to Upgrade the Immune System (Appendix A and B).

Sweet Dreams:  How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep. 

Bring in Your DNA for a 60,000 Year Check Up.  Our DNA has evolved through a process of learning from our environment.  Unfortunately, we have evolved to the extent that we have created an environment in which our mind/body now struggles with addictions (or mood swings) that can be life-threatening.  This presentation or workshop can apply to addictions or mood swings.


What is Dowsing?

The following downloads will introduce you to the world of dowsing.  Dowsing is an ancient art that originally was thought of in relation to finding water.  Now it is often used for the additional purposes of making choices that are for your highest good and connecting with a Higher Power to learn about things we are interested in. 

1. Dowsing: More Than Finding Water (1 page)A great introductory handout about what dowsing is - for new dowsers.

2. On Being Different (2 pages)This brief article tells how Mo discovered she was “different” and learned that unseen helpers were coming through her to help her in life.

 3. 31 Ways to Energy Test (4 pages)There are many ways to get a yes or no response from Higher Power.  This handout will introduce you to most of them.  It is helpful to learn several different ways, since there will probably be different occasions when you want to use dowsing or intuiting.  For example, a one-hand method is helpful to know when you are driving your car.

 4. Communicating With Higher Power for More Effective Assistance (7 pages) – Find out about the differences between asking guidance or angels for help, how to program communications so that they are for the highest good, how to word intention statements, and much more to help you co-create with Higher Power more effectively.

 Becoming a Reliable Dowser

One of the signs of a reliable dowser is that the person knows when they are not reliable.  The next series of handouts is designed to assist you in both learning that and learning how you can work to become more reliable. 

5. Reliability Means Credibility (2 pages) by Mo and Merrill Cook Here you can learn how to be a more reliable dowser.  Programming communications, asking for absolutely 100% truth, asking about completeness, and working with intention statements are all included.

6. Tips for Reliable Dowsing (3 pages) Expand your learning with these handy tips for increasing reliabiliability - first page is "Ten Tips for Reliable Dowsing" and other 2 pages are "More of Mo's Tips and Life Learnings."

7. The "Less-Than-a-Minute Energy Fix" (1page) – by Mo and Rebecca Gurland.  This is a one-page handout to remind you what the steps are for this popular and easy to use method.

8. The "Less-Than-a-Minute Energy Fix" (4 pages) - by Mo and Rebecca Gurland. 
 Here the five steps are described in more detail, along with an easy way to check out whether the correction is needed.  This makes a great guide if you are teaching the process of using this technique. 

9. Easy Energy Fixes (6 pages) - This article from the American Society of Dowsers Quarterly Digest was written by Mo, Peter Champoux, Rebecca Gurland and Mary Fitzgerald.  It is designed to help you find the best way to correct your own energy for a specific purpose.

Dowsing in a Group

One of the greatest challenges of reliability is when a group of dowsers seek answers to the same questions. The next series of handouts is designed to assist you in understanding why disagreement occurs, including eleven possible explanations.

10. Consensus Dowsing to Achieve Truth (2 pages) – by Mo, Wells Christie and Merrill Cook.  This handout gives suggestions to follow when you are in a group of individuals who are all seeking the most truthful answers.  Included are how to proceed when you are dowsing in a group and a list of eleven reasons why dowsers might disagree.  Resolving these issues often leads to higher order changes.

11. Consensus Dowsing (1 page) – As adapted by The American Dowser Quarterly Digest, 55, 1, Spring 2015.

12. Dowsers Helping Science (1 page) – We believe dowsers can make a valuable contribution to the knowledge of science.  Here you will find a page full of questions you can use to guide you along the way.

Revealing the Ancient Mysteries of Your Soul

As part of Mo’s journey, she was led to develop a theory of different types of energy people have from the heritage of their souls ages ago.  Many individuals participated in the development of the theory and their contributions are greatly appreciated.  More will be posted to help you with information to guide you in learning your own energy heritage and how you can discover its strengths as well as its limitations.

We are sorry that at the present time, Mo’s book—Doorways: Discovering the Strengths of Your Energy Heritage—is not available due to undergoing extensive re-writing.  We hope to have a revision available by June of 2017. 

13.  Energy Heritage Types (2 pages) - Originally, twelve energy heritage types were theorized.  However, as time passed and individuals starting becoming more multidimensional, other possibilities emerged.  This download includes a description of the current known energy types.

Emergent Principles for Healthy Eating

14. Emergent Principles for Healthy Eating (4 pages) –  This includes a discussion of foods that help keep earth clean, taking in pollutants in the air by various means.  Some living beings have souls that reincarnate, including animals, plants and even trees.  They share the planet with us, and this is also a reason one might not want to consume them.  You will probably be surprised at some of the beings on the list—perhaps happy about some, disappointed about others.  A blessing for what we eat is included.

15. Recipes for Chocolatarians (5 pages) – When Mo is asked if she is a vegetarian, she answers that “no, she is a chocolatarian.” The first page tells you some of the health benefits of chocolate.  Then, Mo's favorite chocolate recipes are included, starting with what she has for breakfast, snacks, and often lunch as well! 

Upgrading Your Immune System

Mo developed a protocol to upgrade the immune system in 2006 and first presented it at the Society for Scientific Exploration 31st Annual Conference on June 23, 2012.  Here the protocol is briefly described and a methodology to accomplish the upgrade in a single statement of intention is provided in Appendix B.  

16. Upgrading the Immune System Through Multiple Composite Frequencies (11 pages).  Since 2012, the intentions to upgrade the immune system have been expanded to make it more complete and more permanent.  The protocol is explained in the article and is included as an Appendix (2 pages) to the description of research done for possible validation.  Based on the results of the study, although only suggestive at best, we believe the handout itself may be just kept in your home for three months and you will receive the upgrade--if you want it!  Or, you can simply say, "I want irrefutable M.infinity.Os" and "I want the immune system upgraded."  It’s time to start thinking outside of the box!    

Working with Intention Statements

17. Creating Intention Statements That Work (3 pages).  Many of the Protocols included on this web site suggest that you use intention statements to accomplish your goals.  These pages provide help for how to create intention statements that will be effective.  The steps you can follow are included.

 Living Systems Theory

18. An Adaptation to Living Systems Theory (9 pages) - When Mo first began her spiritual journey, a co-worker from Hawaii called and told her she needed to read about James Miller’s Living Systems Theory (1978), which seemed to be a computer analogy to how everything works.  She couldn’t imagine why the 1,051-page book might be helpful, but with further exploration it proved to be of major significance in her work.  Thus, in 2004, Mo expanded her journey into the realm of computer science with this adaptation of Miller’s work.

 Later Mo was channeled that guidance had led her to this information, and the changes she made to it, because it was the way she could communicate with them to let them know what changes were needed.  It is the basis of many of the requests in the Protocol to Upgrade the Immune System, as well as other intention statements that have been made.

 The Energy Healing Partners team is still making changes to the work and the diagram of it in order to reflect our becoming more complex, multidimensional humans.

 Becoming a Multidimensional Human

19. Becoming a Multidimensional Human (2 pages) - As we expand our energy to include more dimensions and become more complex, we are entering a new world of multidimensionality.  These changes can impact what we see, how we sleep and what is best for us to eat.  Meet the challenge of becoming a multidimensional human - you won’t be alone!

The Spirit Dance (of Intention)

20. The Spirit Dance (2 pages) - A few years ago, Mo began to channel Native American languages and/or their root languages.  More recently, Sitting Bull, a Lakota tribal chief and holy man in the 1800s, visited the Energy Healing Partners Team and encouraged the re-writing of their messages to bring them up-to-date with modern times.  For the Spirit Dance, Mo reads the intentions the team co-created with Higher Power and then the Native American energies come through her to make the request in a language that Spirit will understand and be able to manifest.  A DVD is available  (about 15 minutes) that includes both Intentions for Healing Water and the Spirit Dance of Intentions.  Since you are 65-75% water, the healing will also be for you.

Well Being

21. Well Being  - Webster's dictionary defines well-being as "the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous. We believe the "intentions for Well-Being" that Mo, Peter Champoux, and Rebecca Gurlund created in October of 2017 will support that state. You can have them manifested for you by saying, "I want the intentions for well-being." Or, you can say, "I want irrefutable M.infinity.Os" (see #22-24 below) and also benefit from other work Mo and the Energy Healing Partners team have done during the past ten years. You only need to say it once. Keep in mind that changes for Well-Being will occur over a 27-day period of time. (For M.infinity.Os, any changes to the nervous system may take up to 5-10 months, so patience will be helpful.)


22. M∞Os - pronounced "M.infinity.Os" - Designed as a quick half-page handout to give someone the idea and tell them how to learn more, saying "I want irrefutable M.infinity.Os"  reclaims the strengths of your energy heritage.  It also activates the healing intentions that the Energy Healing Partners team has co-created, including upgrades, with Higher Power in the past ten years!

23.  M∞Os – (1 page) “M” is unconditional love and “Os” takes it into infinity.  Read the short description to learn more about the benefits.

24. M∞Os - (7 pages- the first page is the same as #23) - Saying "I want irrefutable M.infinity.Os"  reclaims the strengths of your energy heritage.  It also activates the healing protocols that the Energy Healing Partners team has co-created with Higher Power in the past ten years!  The word “irrefutable” is a fail safe—you’re only asking for what cannot be refuted.  Some of the intentions may have an effect within twenty-four hours; however, others that affect the cellular system may take 27 days and those affecting the nervous system may take 157 to 300 days.

  “I want irrefutable MOs.”


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